Two metrics defined and prioritized the projects I worked on, conversions and gross revenue. In pursuit of improving these metrics, we identified 3 main conversion funnels:
1. General ecommerce traffic landing on our homepage
2. Referral ecommerce traffic from our partners
3. Lead gen traffic to get new partners
Example of a funnel I spent extensive time looking at, sans a few layers.
With these funnels laid out, I looked at each stage and tracked the conversion rate to the next stage, allowing us to get a performance benchmark from which to direct our projects to try and improve upon those benchmark numbers.
Using our Google Analytics data, customer feedback surveys, Optimizely A/B testing, talking directly with partners and our in-house team, I constantly iterated on our website and user acquisition efforts.
Sketches and diagrams were used to help me flesh out my ideas.
Example of some of the layouts I designed.
A large part of overall funnel performance was the quality of the audience we were pulling in. This meant my role naturally included some marketing and I dabbled in creating, testing and launching various marketing campaigns.
Some of the creative I shot that would be used for marketing and web assets.
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